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The only community you’ll ever need. A Cookgroup based in Germany, focused on EU. With lots of information that will help you cook releases!


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High Speed Monitors

JDSports, FootlockerEU/UK, BSTN, Solebox, Off-White, END, Footpatrol, SNS, SJS, Size, Footpatrol, Doverstreetmarket, Off-spring, Kickzpremium and many more…


Complete release instructions for each major release, including: keywords, bot setup tips, early links and more. Can be found on the Discord and provide detailed advice on how to get from sneakers to general releases and more can benefit.

Dedicated Support

If you have a question, our experienced support team will help you 1: 1 and are online 24/7.

Exclusive Groupbuys

We offer groupbuys of all kinds to ensure that you can continue to build your bot inventory and your success. In addition to bots, we also have various partnerships with excellent proxy providers. So that you are fully equipped there too

Random Resell

We have dedicated a part of our Discord server to alternative opportunities, such as webcams, trading cards and more. Our dedicated staff always look for ways to maximize profit for our members, even in “dry sneaker weeks”.

Calls And Streams

Open 24/7. You can ask questions, talk to other members about current live restocks and always be on call with bot restocks. We also offer a stream channel where members can show their successes live. This function is exclusive and in Europe.


Discover What Services We Provide Special For you!



lightning fast Custom Monitors 100+

Stock Information and Pids

Early info Snipes,Solebox and more

Access to the extension and apps

Aco Service

24/7 Live Support

and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions by our users

We do not have fixed times, but we do have a waiting list. You can fill out the form and we will notify you if you are accepted. To do this, turn on your messages on Twitter, Instagram or Discord.

We are mainly monitoring European Sites, but we also have US monitors.

Yes, our team will go through everything with you and we will always be at your side if you have any questions

The only available payment method is credit card. You will be charged automatically and you are able to cancel the subscription whenever you want.

DM us on Twitter,Instagram or send us an email on support@robo-fox.com